Elegant Female

Portrait of Senior Woman

With Dr. Watson, we loved thinking about our history of connection over our marriage, and Mind Phasing took us back there. Now, whenever we find ourselves arguing, we stop and phase without the equipment: we have learned to master and sync our mind states

Middle Aged Woman

I have meditated for years so easily and got into Alpha. But Mind Phasing is learning how to sync with others’ mindstates, and that is a definite plus for business.

Middle Aged Woman

Things weren’t going well for us as a couple, and with Mind Phasing we saw, for the first time how we are almost never on the same wavelength. With coaching, we were able to sync in Dr. Watson’s office, and that felt so good

Mature Businessman

I found the whole Mind Phasing process interesting, giving insight into how my mind works and how I can better control it.

Woman in Yellow

I have been very concerned over the years because I have difficulty keeping focused. Within the one hour I spent with Mind Phasing I was shown that I can in fact change my level of concentration and be in the moment, and reverberate with others in our communications. Thanks Anne.