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About Me

Dr. Anne Watson is a retired University of Toronto Special Education Professor/Psycho-Educational Consultant.  In 2002 she won the Palm Beach County Teacher of Excellence Award for her work with “lock-boxed” troubled youth. She is a two-time recipient of a Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship,  a published writer, an inventor, and an artist. 

Upon retirement she trained for a certificate in neurofeedback. At the training, her intution inspired her to get 2 people on the same wave length using her new EEG. The results were a deep connection between those who got into sync. Mind Phasing was born. 

Dr. Anne Watson, is the CEO at Mind Phasing

In Dr. Watson's latest book, "FLASH! The Science Behind Intuition"

(PostHypnotic Press, Vancouver, 2018, available at

Chapter 12 serves as the manual for MIND PHASING.


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