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Phasing is Easy, now.

It wasn't always so. In 2011 Mind Phasing started with a medical EEG machine, pictured above, with electrodes and sensor paste.
In 2015 came the switch to MUSE EEG headbands.

At the moment, MINDPHASING is the only known two-client MUSE user.

“Using EEG headbands, Mind Phasing allows you to control your mind state, to build deeper connections within your brain and with another's." This is called neurofeedback.
(Dr. A. Watson)

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Some people reach a preferred Alpha state in one session, but it can take 2 or 3 sessions.   If more, we recommend purchasing your own EEG headset (



It is as easy as putting on a headband and relaxing.

Nothing seems to be happening, 

but everything is. 


There are no after-effects, but people  who phase find themselves calmer, more in control.

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Introduction to EEG, learning the headband, managing wavelengths.

$100 for a SOLO session, usually 90 minutes.

OR, $200 to get two persons to connect deeply each wearing a headband.

If you are familiar with MUSE, it is not necessary for the dyads to have have had the introductory solo session first. 

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