Phasing is Easy


“Mind Phasing allows you to know your own brain, to control your mind state, and to build deeper connections with yourself or others."  (Dr. A. Watson)



People  who have phased say:

"I have meditated for years so I easily got into Alpha. But Mind Phasing is learning how to sync with others’ mindstates,

and that is a definite plus for business." (R.Christopher)

"I thought it was my busy brain running over my attention but, NO, it was daydreaming, going inward when I should have been paying outward attention. Mind Phasing taught me how to focus., how to meditate." (C.Day)

"I was worried how aging would affect my health. There are things I still want to achieve. Phasing with Dr. Watson, I was able to listen to my Inner Voice and know I am on the right track and that track will be clear for me." (J. Scott)