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Get Connected to Your Inner Voice

Wish to meditate and

access your Inner Voice?

Synchronizie your brainwaves with a coach, if that works for you. 

(No charge if it doesn't.)

Synchronizing brainwaves is called PHASING.

If you can phase with an EEG coach,

you can harmonize with your own intuition -- your Inner Voice.


What Is Mind Phasing?

... a way of managing waves of electrical energy which your brain generates

... phasing uses a brainwave reader,

an electroencephalogram (EEG), to

translate electrical activity into visible waves on a screen. 

... you can control your visible brainwaves with your mind. It's fun!

... when matching your brainwaves with another person's, that's phasing.

... it teaches you to control your brainwaves to get in sync with those of others,

and with your Inner Voice.

Mind Phasing is when the mind phases with the energy,


Why Try

Mind Phasing? 

  • Tried meditation without success?

  • Want to access your intuition?

  • Want to be sure you are living the true Life Path meant for you? 

  • Want to control your own state of mind?

  • Want to be calm, focused, able to meditate, at will? 

All of these things will eventually come to you,

if you work at them.

With Mind Phasing you can do them sooner... much sooner.

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We Use Muse Headbands


Plus the Mind Monitor free app.

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What are the "good" brainwaves?

All brainwaves are good for some functions.
Not all reflect "feel good" mind states if they are persistent and dominant at unwanted times.
Get in control and make the calm ones persist, at will.


What Your Brainwaves Reveal


An EEG records the height and speed of waves in Hz (cycles per second).

The above chart shows typical mood or activity for each Hz range.


The EEG used by Mind Phasing capture the dominant ones.

The best waves for meditating are in the Alpha range at 9-14 Hz.


For more information or to

book a Mind Phasing session with


submit the attached form.

Phasing is possible in 1 one-hour session.

But 2 to 3 sessions will increase control.

First session = $100 CAD.

Multi-session discounts:

2 @ $80 each, 3 @ $75, 4 @ $50

(more than 4, let's re-evaluate)

Refunds minus 25% administration fees if your meditation goals are not met.

                         "KNOW YOUR BRAIN, BECAUSE IT'S YOURS"


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