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WELCOME being in control of your own brainwaves
or connecting to another's.


Using EEG headbands to determine your brain’s electrical activity, Dr. Anne observes which wavelengths get in the way of your focus, so you can target control. She can also help you connect deeply on the same wavelength as another person.

Who do you want to connect with? A friend? A lover? A colleague? Or just your own brainwaves?

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          Use our EEG headsets
      to tune into your brainwaves   and understand them.
                 On the same  wavelength? It's as if you are one.
      Synchronized Brainwaves:


                 Be on the same wavelength? 

                      It's as if you are one.

Dr. Anne Watson, Ph.D. Special Education and Psychology,

works with people who want to strengthen their compatibility,   

solidify connection.              249-357-8488


Synchronized Brainwaves:

Mind Phasing
helps people connect deeply.

Get Connected

Get connected using Mind Phasing's Muse headbands, matching another's

You can learn how to monitor your brainwaves into a calm alpha state.
Or, in two hours you can learn how to match your brainwaves with another's, to feel a satisfying closeness that will stay with you long after your Mind Phasing session. 

Light, easy to wear, EEG devices neither put anything into your brain, nor take anything out of your brain. They simply reflect your brainwaves' level of excitement.

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chart good one - Copy.jpg

What are "good" 
for mind phasing?

All brainwaves are good for some

functions at some times.

The brain generates electrical

activity all the time.

When you connect with another's

brainwaves, you will be producing

Alpha waves: calm,

focused, in the flow.



 If you are one, think as one, pay as one:

$100 for one in-depth brain training session.

Or if you are two, pay as one:

$100 for both of you to Mind Phase

to synchronize brainwaves.

Each hour is $100 (etransfer or cash)

discounted by 20% for subsequent sessions.

By appointment only: 249-357-8488

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